Richard Renaud


Bio-Environmental Systems Engineering +4
General Engineering +1
Law +2
Business +1
Computers +1
E-Sports +1
Cooking +1
Marketing +1

Languages: English, French


Richard Renaud, 34, is a bio-environmental systems engineer, trained in life support for all manner of space vehicles and installations. His focus is on biology: everything from cultivating zero-G agriculture to developing and maintaining the microbial vats that create oxygen and dispose of waste. Born and raised in Montreal, he holds a degree from Concordia University.

Richard took his first job off-planet at the age of 22, signing a five-year contract with a Rio Tinto-ArcelorMittal asteroid mining joint venture. The magic of life on the final frontier wore off quickly for Richard, who hated the long periods of downtime during orbital transfers. He filled his off-duty time with online gaming and other forms of escapism. As soon as his contract was up, he returned to Montreal, spending the next few years trying – and failing – to find another line of work that could pay down his considerable student debt. A succession of stints in cooking, realty, marketing, graphic design, and so on failed to stick. At age 30, his parents kicked him out of the house and he headed to space to ply his trade once again.

Ever the opportunist, Richard still believes that life has more in store for him than repair work. He knows that some day he will get that e-sports sponsorship, or flip that orbital hab, or find that one weird trick that will have him set for life. Until then, he spends his non-gaming leisure time taking online certificate courses for jobs that never quite pan out. A software development “boot camp,” for example, went nowhere except a couple of short-term QA gigs. Most recently, and most ambitiously, Richard completed a part-time course of study in law. Recruiters have not exactly been knocking down his door, and he has nothing to show for it but more loans.

Richard Renaud

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