The crew of the Sumo are taken into protective custody by the Federation officials on the colony of Heugnes while their ship is inspected. The crew is lodged at a lovely country hotel with snacks and an open bar. During their one night stay the crew socialized and kept up on the news relating to Alpha CEO Steven Hughes’ reported suicide, the disappearance or arrest of the heads of other major corporations, and a large disruption of the internet. After a night of binging on conspiracy theories and socialized alcohol the crew is released with a full tank of gas. Even after recent events it’s business as usual for Sumo LLC as the ship accepts an urgent mission to re-activate a mobile miner’s guidance and engine systems for a return trip home before it misses its window.

The Gang Gets Chased By a Missile

The crew of the Sumo get offered a very well paying job from Alpha (space Google) to service their telescope and science station orbiting the dark side of the moon. The whole thing feels like a publicity stunt to use the crew’s recent fame in the news to promote their philanthropy. On the way there the crew work on various home-made weapons and tools to help deal with any hostile drones they might encounter in the future.

Shortly after arriving at the science station and beginning work, a small drone emerged from the station and started heading towards the Sumo. Acting fast, Captain Ron was able to get one of the ships new home-made “drone interceptors” launched in time while ordering everyone back to the ship. The interceptor was able to latch onto the incoming drone, but its magnetic weapon did not work. While the two drones grappled, Manny changed course and joined in the fight to help disable the enemy drone. Manny was able to tackle the drone and fire his weapon into its main thruster, disabling it. After the drone was successfully disabled, George and Steve came out with a mobile workshop and dissected the drone and made sure it was totally neutralized. The drone was then strapped to the outside of the ship for transport to the authorities. While trying to contact their employers or the authorities it became apparent the whole dark side of the moon was experiencing communications failure.

When the ship began to move away from the area, a missile was launched from somewhere on the moon and was rapidly gaining on the Sumo. Out from the moon’s shadow, the crew were able to contact the authorities and ask for assistance, but no military vessels were close enough to intercept before the missile would catch up. The crew frantically attempted to construct counter-measures by crudely turning their anti-drone interceptors into missile interceptors, but they were told the missile’s countermeasures were far too advanced to be destroyed that way. Eventually the US military authorities worked out a possible solution: sling shot around the moon towards L4 where a European Federation ship would be close enough to attempt to destroy the missile in time. While the two governments quickly coordinated the Sumo tried their countermeasures which failed as predicted. The Federation quickly agreed to render aid and the Sumo used most of its remaining fuel for a full burn to head towards L4. The missile was successfully destroyed by the Federation vessel and a tug was dispatched to assist the now helpless Sumo and bring it in for docking at the nearest colony.

IGM Materials

The crew of the Sumo accept an emergency contract at an IGM Materials facility that suffered a large explosion that knocked out its reactor and much of the processing facilities. Upon arriving the crew met with Christy Deaton, the station’s manager, who quickly brings them to a team meeting to plan the work. The station crew are to work on the interior, while the Sumo and it’s crew to work on the exterior. There is limited time before the new reactor is set to arrive and the station must be ready for its installation so both teams get to work right away. The Sumo finishes its job creating a huge opening in the side of the station and goes on to repairing a damaged solar array. Deaton and the Sumo crew notice ongoing power fluctuations and it is decided that a small number of people are to investigate the source and cut the damaged area off from the station’s very limited power supply.

When the small group of Sumo crew members, lead by Captain Ron him self, arrived at the source of the power use they find it is being caused by a fabrication workshop being in full operation. The workshop seems to be building odd robotic components unlike any the crew are familiar with. After hitting the emergency stop button for the workshop a heavily modified version of one of the station’s presumed destroyed drones entered the workshop and attempted to restore power after surveying the situation. Manny unloaded his pistol on the drone after it came too close and the crew was able to safely leave the area after restoring communications and control to the section. With security sensors restored, Deaton warned the crew there were many modified drones in the area and to evacuate to their ship as soon as possible.

With large areas of the station being under the control of the modified drones with unknown intentions, manager Deaton ordered a full evacuation of the station and for the Sumo to increase its distance. After both crews are safe and away from the station and the authorities contacted, both ships are told to head to a small US government station for screening and questioning. While in transit the reporter Franklin Garza contacts them letting them know the military has dispatched 3 ships to the station they just left. The crew decline to share all their information on recent events with Garza, at least until they are cleared by the authorities and their corporate client to do so.

Space News??

August 7 2117
Sumo and crew dock at the space colony Detrick’s large drydock facility to undergo scheduled maintenance and replenishing of supplies and fuel. While on the station some of the crew are invited to a meeting with the federal police who thank them for their cooperation and update them on the murder case, saying they are on the trail of a criminal gang and that the murder was a deal gone wrong between two gangs. A reporter attempted to contact Captain Ron after the meeting but the good captain did not have any time for reporter nonsense.

August 8th 2117
While the Sumo is docked a thief who managed to infiltrate the high security dock sneaked aboard and downloaded the ships logs related to their time at the Mormon’s asteroid mine. The thief did not make a clean get away though, as they were shot while escaping although still managed to evade security while injured. The crew of the Sumo managed to use this shameful security breach to get a heavy discount on their repairs in exchange for singing away the rights to make the incident public or leave a poor review of the station.

Thinking the reporter might have been involved in the data theft, the crew decide to contact him but they quickly get the impression he had nothing to do with it, specially since he is based out of Kansas City and seemed to be a legitimate “citizen journalist” named Franklin Garza. Franklin informed the crew that on the same say the incident on the Mormon’s mine happened, 2 other mining colonies in the area suffered disasters with one being melted by its own mirrors due to a computer malfunction and the other being boarded and all its computers being wiped or physically removed.

August 9th 2117
The Sumo leaves Detrick colony and head to the Damlex company’s food production and research station to start on a long term contract to do a large amount of backlogged upkeep for the family owned station. The work goes by smoothly and the ship’s crew enjoys a constant supply of free luxury food items after befriending the station’s crew.

August 4th 2117
The first session

August 4th 2117
The crew of the SPACESHIP (spaceship LLC) accept a request to diagnose and repair a Mormon owned automated asteroid mine. Most likely a computer hardware fault.

August 6th 2117
Mining facility’s entry door is found to be damaged from some sort of external impact and must be cut off. George Noble, Richard Renaud, and Stesh “Manny” Manners cut open the door and investigate the interior of the miner. The miner’s main computer is found to be missing as is most of the electronics in the area. SNOT, operated by Captain Ronald Donahue finds a small circular hole cut out from the inside of the miner containing a dead body. The compartments with the dead body have been sealed off from the rest of the mining facility. The boarding party is recalled to analyze the damaged door and report a possible murder on the facility.

Authorities from Zarahemla thank the crew for the report and ask them to investigate the black box and secondary computer for potential logs or footage of the murder and sabotage. A second boarding of the station reveals the victim was stabbed through the heart from behind through his air tank and that the black box and secondary computer are both missing. Mormon officials alert the crew that they have been in contact with federal officials who ask that the crime scene not be further tampered with. The crew transmit their footage and data to the proper authorities after making hard backups and then set a course for the nearest colony where coffee is not illegal.


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