Space Hulk

With the world’s military infrastructure destroyed the Sumo decides to do their duty and assist any way they can. The nearest distress signal is identified and the ship snaps into rescue mode, collecting two off-course life boats full of grateful crew. The Navy personnel are dropped off at a nearby civilian shipyard at the colony “Escambia”. The military agrees to hire the Sumo on as private contractors and provide a basic point defense weapon system. The Sumo is given instructions to survey and collect wreckage from an enemy factory complex. 2 large intact space containers were boarded and found to contain valuable industrial and weapons cargo. A large intact chunk of the factory was next to be investigated, but when the ship came close a small swarm of drones hidden in the wreckage moved to intercept. The Sumo’s new weapons were able to destroy the drones before they could reach the ship. SNOT was sent into the hulk to survey the area and quickly found a large manufacturing area filled with both conventional and unknown manufacturing equipment. An armed boarding party was sent over to investigate the equipment and retrieve any drives or data. A huge crab-like robot was encountered by the boarding party forcing them to flee after their pistols proved ineffective against it’s bulky frame. After outrunning the space-crab the Sumo’s weapons were able to destroy it once the crew were safely out of the way.

The Sumo returned to Escambia after a successful first mission for the military.



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