Mars Fishing

The crew of The Sumo were informed that long range telescopes monitoring the asteroid belt had begun to notice activity there, and with more resources pointing towards the belt it was confirmed that there was unknown mining and industrial activity taking place. The government and military decided the abandoned Mars 2 station in orbit of Mars should be re-activated as a military facility and act as a forward base for any potential missions into the belt, and the Sumo was the perfect ship and crew for the job. The Sumo was given a couple months vacation while waiting for the next Mars window, which most of the crew took back home on Earth. At the end of the vacation most of the crew along with reporter Frank Garza met up in Florida for a fishing trip in Captain Ron’s home waters. After their vacation, the crew returned to the Sumo to begin their mission to Mars. The Sumo, along with a newly built military vessel “USS Altair” following a month behind, were sent to Mars along with a large amount of supplies in order to get the Mars 2 station back in operation. The trip, just over 3 months, was uneventful, and the Sumo successfully entered Mars orbit and docked with the station. It will be 23 months until the next return window.



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