"It's Happening"

The Sumo arrived at the wayward mobile miner they were hired to resuscitate only to find it still perfectly active, just not listening to orders from its owners. A large amount of mineral pods had built up in its storage area, but otherwise seemed to be operating normally. Upon boarding the station and digging into the computer system it was discovered that the miner was extracting a slightly different mix of minerals than previously ordered, and had been doing so for a few days. While poking around the station, an order was received from an unknown source to send the stock of mineral pods to a large orbital factory thought disabled days ago with all crew lost. The crew of the Sumo quickly shut the whole station down, but by then all the pods had been given their orders and were acting autonomous from the station.

After conferring with the station owners it was decided to bring individual systems back online after its communication systems were physically disabled to prevent it from receiving illegal orders. The station successfully retracted its equipment and detached from its asteroid to begin its trip back to its owners for repairs and investigation.

While escorting the mobile miner home the crew speak with the reporter, Garza, to discuss recent events. He informs them that the military had sent a ship to investigate the abandoned factory, the destination of the mineral pods. It was also discovered that many other presumed disabled mining stations were sending resources to various presumed disabled factories, which were in fact quite active.

As the hours went by the crew of the Sumo, and the world, were glued to the news. The world was shocked when swarms of missiles erupted from the factories under unknown control, and heading towards most major military installations. One by one, military ships and stations were destroyed by the swarms over the course of the next days. Several large missiles headed to earth and deployed a swarm of small drones destroying all satellites in orbit and presumably destroy any new ones launched. Despite seemingly only having days to have produced these missiles, they were enough to destroy nearly every military asset of every nation in space due to their exceptionally advanced design. With humanity’s military presence in space destroyed, the sphere could easily be conquered by what ever force or group planned this attack. Humanity awaits this force to show its self, for the cause of these attacks to enact the next phase of its plan.



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