Dirt Farming

After turning down a pointlessly dangerous mission to investigate a suspicious factory, the Sumo instead takes on the task of assisting the famous government “Dirt Farm” which suffered total failure after the initial “Alpha virus” attacks. After a few days of work it became apparent that the station could sadly not be brought back online before the various industrial soil grinders and digesters would be ruined. The crews of the Sumo and Dirt Farm worked round the clock for a week to clean out the machinery and were able to successfully prepare the station for an extended period of inactivity until it can receive a new reactor.

Tensions continued to grow around L5 after the destruction of almost all the world’s military ships and facilities. With various corporate security forces appearing at a suspiciously fast pace since the disaster and a brewing independence sentiment, the US government was becoming worried there could be open conflict if they were not able to fill the power vacuum quickly. To help fill this vacuum the military began buying suitable civilian craft and outfitting them with what ever weapons they could. Even the Sumo was given a pair of anti-ship missile launchers. Matters came to a head when an alliance of major space corporations announced they did not recognize the US military’s authority to commandeer their civilian shipyards and demanded the government to officially write up and pass a bill. The move was clearly little more than a delay tactic, as days later when the bill was successfully passed 3 of the 4 remaining major shipyards at L5 along with many colonies declared them selves independent of the US government.

With approximately evenly matched forces but a 3 to 1 production disadvantage the US government sent what little fleet they had to threaten one of the “Free Colonies” shipyards. At the last moment before open civil war a treaty was reached between the government and the new Free Colonies nation. The colonies were to transfer ownership of 2 of their 3 shipyards back to the government, but were otherwise free to go. Conflict was avoided and the US was able to easily secure its future military superiority in space. Many US citizens aboard the now independent colonies decided to return to US territory, while a small trickle of Americans decided to renounce their citizenship and immigrate to the new nation.



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