Banana Stand

The Sumo is sent out to investigate an obsolete factory code named “Banana” as part of a group of 3 ships. With the military running security, the crew was free to begin assessing the station for re-use. Most all systems except for basic life support were down due to a lack of power. The life support system seemed to have been slightly altered to provide a different atmospheric mixture as well as non-standard heat and humidity, but was never able to carry out it’s new parameters but after being brought back online the system refused to shut down, forcing Richard to cut power manually.

The factory’s cargo handling system came to life after the life support was shut down, resulting in the USS Reading’s marines opening fire on various cargo robots until they finally figured out to shut power down to the area. The marines did at least notice that the station seemed to be collecting certain specific containers. With the cargo area’s power cut, the crew of the Sumo met up in the cargo area with the marines to inspect the containers. The first containers contained various high-end manufacturing robots and automated fabrication equipment, another contained a massive mainframe, and the last was full of organic substances of some sort. The cargo was loaded onto the USS Reading which headed back to base to urgently investigate the cargo.

The cargo inspection was then interrupted by one of the station’s manufacturing areas showing signs of use. The area’s power was quickly cut, but it was clear the equipment there was manufacturing small drones of some sort. The Marines split into teams to hunt down the drones while the crew of the Sumo either joined in or attempted to patch into the station’s security system to help track the drones down. A drone was soon spotted in the main reactor attempting to bring it online. SNOT was dispatched to quickly respond and was able to disable the enemy robot but soon found it self being attacked by 2 others. Captain Ron was able to pilot SNOT and evade the enemy drones long enough for the marines to reach the area and destroy the attacking drones.

With the whole operation being a bit of a disorganized mess but relatively safely handled, the government decided the station would make a good proving grounds for future methods of clearing and salvaging or repairing infected facilities. The Sumo was put in charge of developing these new methods as they purge and repair the station. Upon the USS Reading’s return, a larger staff and more supplies will be dropped off to assist the Sumo’s crew.



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