Back To Earth

The crew of the Sumo were ordered to transport a military diplomatic team to the asteroid structure in order to directly communicate with it after it sent out a massive packet of information containing all their known science as well as an invitation for humans to visit.

Arriving at the massive construction, the Sumo unloaded its military crew and waited. Growing impatient they decided to communicate directly themselves, eventually being invited in due to their much more trusting and receptive attitude compared to that of the military negotiators. Totally side-lining the military, many of the Sumo’s crew members quickly decided to trust the various intelligences living in the station and agreed to receive basic brain implants to let them access computer systems wirelessly. The AI life forms also offered perfect health and immortality, and Manny jumped at the chance to become an immortal super human. Unfortunately for Manny, due to the unknown alien cells in his body he reacted violently to the medical technology, requiring his head to be quickly removed for safekeeping while the rest of his body exploded into some sort of alien horror that the robots quickly destroyed.

Manny was then given two options, to receive a synthetic human body fairly close to his original form, or wait for their technology to re-grow his biological body. Manny decided to become a cyborg because that’s pretty great.

Unhappy with the actions of the Sumo’s crew, the military recalled the Sumo back to Mars 2 to finish out their contract doing menial work. After their contract ended, the Sumo finally set off on the long voyage back to Earth, and towards an unknown future radically changed by a massive influx of technology.



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