What is Q22
Q22 is a game about the crew of an independently owned repair ship and the exciting world of space maintenance contracting. Although most infrastructure in space is automated, when things go wrong and time is an issue it helps to have humans on site to diagnose the issues. Contractor ships need a crew with a wide range of skills, from engineering to computer science, to biology, anything that might come in handy during an unexpected job. Between jobs many contractor ships will run cargo or passengers or do odd jobs around a colony short on a skill set the contractors can provide.

The setting of Q22 is a near-ish future where Earth is rapidly expanding into orbit fueled by the wealth of asteroid mining. The Earth-Moon System is booming with the construction of colonies and all sorts of industrial and scientific stations. Millions of people already live in space and the demand for new colonies seems impossible to meet, even with nearly exponential increases in production. Despite the wealth of the asteroids, much of humanity is still extremely poor and the Earth has been ravaged by a century of environmental disasters, economic collapse, and war.


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